The 2019-2020 Scholarship Student Application Forms will be Posted in January, 2019

About the Scholarship Student…
The Martell School of Dance Scholarship Student role dates back to the founder of Martell School of Dance, Miss Teri.

On the wall of our Main Studio in the Highland Square location hangs a plaque of names for over 30 years of Scholarship recipients. This includes family legacies, current and former faculty, and of course one former studio owner who we know and love!

Designed to be a training tool for students who aspire to be dance professionals, the coveted role of Scholarship Student originally began with Miss Teri selecting the candidate who possessed and displayed the talent, poise, and confidence to lead students in class, work extremely hard in their own classes (and also as an Assistant), and perform any task or duty asked of them at any time.

Along with complimentary tuition for the year, the Scholarship Student was the only student who had the opportunity to perform a solo in the annual recital. Most often, this was a pointe solo choreographed by Miss Teri, but there were a few occasions where the student was permitted to perform a solo in a different style. The students would notify our Office Manager of their interest in being the next Scholarship student and this announcement has been made at the recital each year.

Upon taking ownership of Martell School of Dance, former Scholarship Student, Jennifer McDonald, continued this rich tradition in the same way that Miss Teri conducted it. As times changed and the studio grew, the talent of our students at much younger ages has made the selection process more competitive than ever before.

In 2017, Miss Rachel went a step further to define the criteria that will help determine future scholarship students. Martell is excited to make this a more inclusive process by including the input of our broad faculty and requesting that a variety of application materials be submitted.

Still a subjective process, the selection of the Scholarship Student is a task that Miss Rachel does not take lightly. She is looking not only for a talented dancer, but for a model student. One who is respectful, mature, kind to others, willing to work hard (both academically and in the studio) and to represent Martell School of Dance with poise and grace. A leader who will go the extra mile for their fellow classmates and teachers will be selected to work closely with the Martell Faculty and staff with the understanding that this is a job and a privilege. The new criteria will hopefully help our future Scholarship student applicants understand the expectations of this position.

If you feel that you are interested in being a part of this rich role in Martell history, please complete the application (available January of the new scholarship year). There is an application fee that will work to supplement a part of the Scholarship tuition in future years as we reintroduce the Scholarship Fund. We thank you in advance for your contribution to this wonderful program and wish all applicants the best of luck this year and for years to come!

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