Procedure Bulletin 17/18



On behalf of the Faculty and Staff of Martell School of Dance, I would like to welcome you to our wonderful studio!  We are very proud of our students and excited for our 2017/18 dance year! Our goal is to provide you with an exciting and professional dance education, in a warm, family friendly environment. Our staff believes in Martell and the education we provide. We hope to make you a believer, too! Thank you for trusting us to further your dance career. We believe our program will satisfy all of your dance needs. Martell has a class for you!

Martell School of Dance is continuously evolving. Everything we do is for the benefit of our students and we are thrilled to continue to make more available to those interested in a quality dance education.


Classes begin Tuesday, September 5th, 2017



Martell School of Dance is very proud of our diverse program. We offer many styles of dance and exercise including: Ballet, Pointe, Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop, Modern/Contemporary, Musical Theatre, Lyrical, Ballroom, Acro, Fusion, Clogging, Zumba and exercise classes. Our program is offered to anyone ages 2 years through adult, with beginner through advanced levels available. The foundation of our program is based on ballet training and all of our teachers are experienced and qualified in the styles they teach.


Students are placed in classes FIRST by their age and SECOND by their skill level, technique, flexibility and performance. Students are NOT placed in class based on the number of years they have been dancing. We believe that each student is unique and has different needs, strengths and weaknesses. We spend a lot of time deciding where each student will feel comfortable, have fun and still find themselves challenged in dance class. We will never hold a student back if we feel they are ready for more of a challenge. This is very important to us. No student will be moved into level I, II, III or IV level without taking ballet. This is crucial to their development and is necessary to maintain strong technique.  Anyone interested in taking pointe must be approved to be placed in that class. This is strictly a safety issue. Although injury is common when you are physically active and athletic, we try to minimize that possibility for our students. Dancers are NOT moved into pointe based on number of years they have taken ballet; placement is based strictly on strength. To participate in ANY Leveled class, the student must also be enrolled in ANY Ballet class; not necessarily a Leveled Ballet Class. 


Seasonal Tuition (September-May) is based strictly on the time length of the classes and the location in which they occur (with the exception of Leveled and Adult Classes which sometimes occur at Martell Tu). Tuition is NOT based on the style of dance or the faculty member conducting the class. 

*There are two different age ratios for tuition. One for Martell Tu (Mommy & Me – 5th Grade) and one for Martell Main (6th Grade & up/Levels). Levels Classes being held at the Martell Tu location as well as Adult Classes still fall under the Martell Main Fee Schedule.


30 Minute Class – $48 Per Month

45 Minute Class – $50 Per Month

60 Minute Class – $52 Per Month

75 Minute Class – $54 Per Month


30 Minute Class – $48 Per Month

45 Minute Class – $50 Per Month

60 Minute Class – $52 Per Month

75 Minute Class – $54 Per Month

90 Minute Class – $56 Per Month

120 Minute Class – $58 Per Month

Tuition is based on the nine month dance season. Tuition can be paid yearly, semi-annually, or in nine equal monthly installments. All classes are to be paid for whether attended or not, however, students are entitled to take a make-up class. We do not have a “pay per class” option, unless you are an adult student or visiting temporarily from out of town. PLEASE NOTE: There are no refunds on tuition payments.

REGISTRATION FEE: There is an annual Registration Fee which is based on our Dance Season (September through August). The annual Registration Fee DOES NOT cover enrollment for special events such as Cavs Performances, Christmas Shows, and other events that require rehearsal times outside of our regular dance schedule. Events such as these are subject to a Performance Fee which covers the rehearsal time of the Instructor conducting the event.

The fee to register for the dance season is $35 per family. The Fee to register late (after September 6th) is $40.

MONTHLY PAYMENTS: Anyone who chooses to pay monthly is required to have a credit card on file with Martell School of Dance. Monthly tuition can be paid by cash, check or credit card before the 7th of every month. If tuition is not paid by the 7th, your card will be automatically charged the monthly tuition. If you decline a card on file and do not pay tuition by the 7th of the month, your account will assess a $15 late fee. If tuition and late fee are not paid by the end of the month, Martell School of Dance cannot allow your dancer to continue with classes until the account is paid in full. 

If you wish to have your credit card automatically charged for monthly tuition, you may choose a payment date of the 28th, 1st or 7th of every month. 

SEMI ANNUAL PAYMENTS: Anyone choosing to make two payments for the 9 month dance year must make these payments by Monday, September 12th and Monday, January 9th. Dancers will not be allowed to participate if payments are not made on time.

ANNUAL PAYMENT: Anyone choosing to pay in full for the 9 month dance year will receive 10% off their entire tuition. This payment must be paid in full by Monday, September 26th in order to receive the discount.

NOTE: Any person who submits a bad check will be charged the fee that the bank debits our account in addition to re-payment of tuition. 

CANCELLATION OF ENROLLMENT – NOTICE REQUIRED It will be assumed that you will continue with your/your child’s dance education, consecutively, each month upon registering in the fall for the season. Should you wish to discontinue enrollment/class participation, we ask that you submit a notice in writing PRIOR to the new month of classes. If we do not receive such notification, it will be expected that the monthly tuition will be due in full on the 1st of the new month. If cancellation of classes is related to injury or other extenuating circumstances, please request a personal meeting with Rachel Yunker.

TUITION CYCLES & HOLIDAYS Tuition is calculated on a monthly basis. Within the dance season, like in academic seasons, there are designated holidays that Martell School of Dance honors. We are in session for minor holidays such as Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, Columbus Day, Presidents Day, etc. We follow the Akron Public Schools Yearly Calendar when observing holidays such as Thanksgiving, Christmas / Winter Break, and Easter/Spring Break. 


 1. Anyone choosing to pay their tuition in full for the 9 month season (September- May) will receive 10% off their entire tuition.

 2. Anyone who refers a student to Martell who then registers for the September – May dance year (2017-2018) will receive a discount towards one month of tuition equal to the new students tuition. 

3.  The first two classes per student or family are full price. Each class after the first two receives a discount of $20 per class, per month. Ex: a $45/month class becomes $25/month.

4.     Any family with 2 or more students dancing will receive $5 off their monthly tuition PER additional family member.

 *Our customers are not limited to just one discount.You may take advantage of all of them if you qualify.


There will be a $15 late fee for any unpaid tuition by dates listed above.


We know how anxious parents are to see the progress of their children, however, sometimes students are inhibited and self-conscious while trying to learn with adults in the room. Therefore, we have two weeks during the year when parents will be permitted to observe class. These are the ONLY times we will permit anyone to observe. Please do not ask for special privileges, if we make an exception for one person, we have to make an exception for everyone. We hope you will respect this policy, as we truly feel it will be the best way for your child to get the most out of their dance education.


All of our teachers and student assistants are qualified and committed to the job at hand. We have a genuine passion for dance and for working with your children. Please feel free to ask questions about your child’s progress and keep us informed of new and exciting things in your child’s life. We love to know your child as more than just a dancer! If for any reason you have an issue with one of our staff members, please discuss it with me first. Our staff follows my guidelines and are usually teaching more than one class per night. In order to keep our studio running efficiently, please do not stop our staff between classes to discuss a major concern.  Please leave a message for me or email me to discuss any concern you have and I will handle it as quickly as possible. In the rare instance that a teacher would need a substitute at the last minute, our student teachers are expected and encouraged to step in.  Our student assistants are “teachers in training” and we are happy to make this opportunity available to them.


Dress Rehearsal is MANDATORY for every single student who would like to participate in the recital. There are no exceptions for this rule. I cannot allow anyone to dance in the recital if they are not at dress rehearsal. Please inquire if you would like more details about this rule. Please mark you calendars.

PreSchool Dress Rehearsal Dates: Our Pre School Show will be combined with the Matinee Performance this year! Monday, May 21st

Martell Main & Martell Tu (Ages K-5th Grade): Monday & WEDNESDAY (corrected on Oct. 23rd) , May 21st & 23rd. 

Please block both days off on your calendar and notify us immediately of conflicts that may arise on these dates related to graduations or other school events. We will do everything we can to see that all students are eligible to perform, however, dress rehearsals are 100% mandatory and we are unable to make accommodations to all families.

Recital: All students must have their assigned costumes and hair styles in order to perform. We ask anyone who wears glasses to kindly remove them for our performances for safety reasons. If a child absolutely cannot go without glasses for their time on stage, we will require a sports strap to hold the glasses on.



All students performing in our recital will have a costume fee, per class. Prices will be posted by the 3rd week in October. Out of respect for your budget, please plan on anywhere between $40.00-$85.00 per costume (very low/very high end). ALL COSTUME MONEY IS DUE IN FULL by Tuesday, November 21st. Any costume paid after the 22nd is subject to late fee’s. New this year, costume fees will be differentiated by your method of payment. Families planning pay for costumes with a credit card will be subject to additional fees. We prefer cash or check payments (to avoid surcharges) and encourage you to be mindful of this as you plan your enrollment for the season.


Throughout the year, Martell School of Dance is often invited to perform at events such as a benefit or gala, sporting event, festival etc. Our staff pulls students to perform based on what the “event” is asking of us. Each one is different and we give as many opportunities as we can to as many students as possible based on the event. Note that participation fees are often affiliated with extra performances.


Martell typically follows the Akron Public School System for all school closings EXCEPT for minor holidays. If the weather is questionable, please check your email before coming to class. We reserve the right to continue with class in the event that the weather improves on a day when APS has opted to close. Students will not be penalized for missing class, however, attendance is always encouraged if possible. We will always notify you via email regarding a school closing. Please also follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for regular updates on school closings and Martell news!


This will be the second season for the Martell Parent Boosters!

The Martell Parent Boosters began in the Summer of 2016. This newly formed group of active Parent Volunteers aspires to become a 501c3 organization and provide support throughout the studios and serve the Martell Community in a variety of ways.

Monthly meetings are conducted, and if you are interested in learning more about the Parent Boosters, please e-mail


Please do not hesitate to call me at the studio if you would like to speak with me. I am happy to answer any questions you have regarding our policies or give you more information.

Martell Office Managers:

General Inquiries:

Rachel Yunker:

Martell TU: 330-865-4854 ~~ Martell Main: 330-253-9900

Thank you again and I look forward to another amazing year of dance. We are happy to have you in the Martell Family!

Rachel Yunker  – Owner/Director