Q & A FOR 2018-2019 DANCE SEASON

MARTELL TU (2 years – 4th Grade)

  • Q. What is the Accelerated Program at Martell Tu?

    A. The Martell Tu Accelerated Track is for students with several years of dance experience at Martell School of Dance who have fulfilled the expectations necessary to move at an accelerated pace.
    Our goal for the addition of this newly added track is to create a curriculum for students who are dedicated to their future in dance. This track is seen as a bridge to our Accelerated Levels at our Main studio. It allows our introductory and intermediate level students the time to learn in a fundamentally centered environment where we can focus on the importance of basic dance technique. This will better prepare all students for success in whatever path of dance they choose. It’s extremely important for our students and families to understand that to be invited into an Accelerated Track class does not mean that one dancer is “better” than the other. At Martell School of Dance, the success of EVERY student is our most important goal. We are a non-competitive studio intentionally, and encourage all students to challenge themselves on a personal level in each and every class. We will NEVER hold a student back if they are prepared for a new challenge.
  • Q. What ages groups are eligible to participate in the Accelerated Track?

    A. 3rd and 4th Graders/by invitation, based on the recommendation of their instructor.
  • Q. How will I know if my child has been invited to an Accelerated Track?

    A. We will be notifying parents of the invited students via e-mail by July 28th. If your dancer does not receive an invitation by that day, simply continue to register for their age appropriate class as you normally would.
  • Q. Do I have to be in Ballet to participate in an Accelerated Class?

    A. Yes. You do not have to be enrolled in the Accelerated Ballet Class, specifically, but you will need to enroll in the age appropriate class.
  • Q. Is it required for me to log in to the Parent Portal again and agree to new policies at registration?

    A. Absolutely. All the information you are agreeing to coincides with the Student & Family Handbook Read here. New agreement information will be added to the portal on August 1st, so please log in on or After August 1st to agree. The Emergency Medical form was recently e-mailed for you to print and complete in advance. This will save all of us time and make Registration run smoothly.

MARTELL MAIN (5th Grade and Up)

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