Class Placement

2017-2018 Dance Season

Students are placed in their classes FIRST by their age and SECOND by their skill level, flexibility, technique, performance, etc. Students are NOT placed in a class based on the number of years they have been dancing. We spend time every year on each student individually, placing them in classes that we feel they will benefit the most. We encourage students to inquire and/or let us know if they are interested in moving into pointe OR into an “invite only” class. We cannot promise we will place you in one of these classes right away; however, your interest lets us know that you are serious about dance and want to commit more.
 Any student placed in a Pointe class, I, II, III or IV level class is required to take ballet.Age is NOT a restriction for these classes. Once you are ready, we will be anxious to move you. We will NEVER hold a child back who needs more of a challenge. Once you choose to participate in one of these recommended classes, we expect that these classes are a priority to you and we will not tolerate excessive absences. It is NOT ok to take 2, 3 or more classes off in a month if you are in one of these classes unless there is an extreme circumstance. Being present in these classes is expected, as they move extremely fast and your attendance is necessary to your progress as a dancer as well as your safety (building strength and minimizing injury). PLEASE DO NOT accept an invitation into these classes if you have many after school activities and will be absent often. We have classes for everyone at Martell and if a higher level class is too much commitment, we would rather see you in another class, having fun and still learning at the same time. Again, the classes listed above are for students who are most committed to dance in their extra-curricular activities.