Akron Children’s Athletic Trainer

Dear Martell School of Dance Parents,

Hello, my name is Sheila Schrack and I am a Certified Athletic Trainer at Akron Children’sIMG_0953 Hospital. I am excited to share with you a new dance outreach program that we are offering your studio.   The program will  provide free injury evaluations to the dance studio. The injury checks would involve visiting the studio on Monday and Thursday afternoons )to evaluate the dancers’ possible injuries. In the case of an injury, I may provide exercises pertinent to the injury and the dancer, examine what in the dancer’s technique or biomechanics might contribute to the injury, and/or refer the dancer to the doctor for further assessment. In order to reserve an appointment for an evaluation your child can  sign up in the office of the Main Studio. This is available to all students, faculty, and staff. 

If you have any questions about the injury evaluations, please feel free to contact me at sschrack@chmca.org.

Thank you,

Sheila Schrack , AT, ATC

Akron Children’s Hospital

215 W. Bowery St. Suite 7300

Akron, OH 44308