Costumes continue to be delivered to the studio – some of our initial orders will not arrive until the month of April. Orders that were placed late are coming in slowly but may arrive in the month of May. Thank you for your patience.


Martell Tu families are being notified of the date that their child’s costume will be passed out. We encourage the attendance of a parent on this day.

Teachers will discuss alterations that need made to the costumes.

Note that any alteration requested is for the durability and uniformity of the costume. Some general rules of thumb are:

STRAPS – We ask that all PLASTIC clips and pieces are removed from the costumes as they are not sturdy and could break at any time during a performance. A child’s top falling down could create a very embarrassing moment on stage and this should be avoided at all cost.  NEEDLE AND THREAD IS BEST. NO VELCRO.

Plastic clips that latch a neck collar should be replaced with a HOOK and EYE

Shiny satin straps should be FLIPPED over and secured to the front and back of the dancers costume with needle and thread. Shiny straps reflect the lights on stage and are a distraction.  AGAIN, NO VELCRO.

Straps can be pancaked with makeup foundation for students with darker skin tones to help them blend.

The Martell Parent Association (MPA) will be around throughout the coming weeks to offer help and suggestions. If you are concerned or confused, let our faculty know. Always remember that it’s OK to cut and alter costumes based on our requests. Most dance studios require similar alterations. HAPPY SEWING!