School Reviews

“Martell is a supportive, safe, and loving environment for those students who walk through its doors–that is clear from the first moment.  I love coming to Martell. The students display a wonderful work ethic and proper class etiquette. You would think that would be a given everywhere, but I assure you it is not. The teachers at Martell clearly celebrate the diversity within their walls and help each child to achieve his or her dance potential.  They are not only teaching them the art of dance, but also the important life skills that will help the kids grow into productive and creative adults.  Not everyone will pursue dance, but arts training prepares you for life!”
 -Adam Cates, Tony Award Winning Choreographer: “A Gentleman’s Guide to Love & Murder”

“The staff at Martell is 100% dedicated to the art of dance. The teachers go above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that their passion is passed on to the students. This in turn creates a comfortable environment for girls and boys to learn, share, and explore the fine art.”
— Jeremy Barthel, Guest Teacher and Choreographer
Recent credits: American Idol, True Blood, X Factor

“Martell has HEART first and foremost. Their teachers are not only brilliantly trained and skilled, but offer a positive, nurturing learning environment. The students  at Martell have always been a pleasure for me to teach and choreograph for. Coming from someone who travels to countless studios nationally and internationally, I love coming to Akron to work at this incredible facility filled with wonderful students, teachers and parents alike. It is a testament to their integrity of wanting their students to excel as to why I am able to come year after year and truly share our gift and love for dance.”
— Dylan Smith 
Recent Credits: Instructor at Broadway Dance Center in New York City. Japan and North American Tours of 42nd St. JUBILEE! in Las Vegas

“My daughters have been dancers at Martell for over 10 years now and have learned so much and still very much enjoy the classes. I have seen the school change and improve over the years and I am now also taking some of the classes offered for adults. 

The staff and instructors are patient and encouraging and they, along with the director, Jennifer McDonald, make Martell School of Dance what it is today- fun, exciting and educational. The dance recital held at the end of the year is a very professional production and enjoyable to watch. 

I would highly recommend this dance school to any parent who is considering dance lessons for their child or for their own benefit.”
— Diana Wheeler, Mother & Adult Tap

“My daughter has been dancing at Martell for several years and I am continuously impressed with the creativity, dedication and professionalism of this studio.  The instructors as well as the office personnel are beyond wonderful!  The support and encouragement the students receive from the entire staff as well as their fellow classmates is amazing!  I am proud to be a part of the Martell family!”
— Jenny Minear, Mother

“I like to dance at Martell because the teachers are fun and really good at teaching stuff.  The studio makes me feel warm and I have also made new friends.  Miss Jennifer is a really great teacher and I learn a lot from her.”
— Samantha, Student, Age 4

“As a former teacher and student of Martell School of Dance for 25 years, I couldn’t imagine my daughter taking dance anywhere else.  When she expressed an interest in taking dance lessons, I looked into several studios that were a little more local for us.  However, none of them compared to the quality and integrity of Martell.  The teachers not only want the children to have fun but they are also well trained in dance technique making sure the students learn the fundamentals that are so important.  Jennifer is a fantastic owner who not only has the skill level and professionalism to make Martell a fantastic place to be, but she is wonderful at her communication and thoroughness with the parents. I am so proud to have my daughter, Samantha, a student at Martell School of Dance.  It is also meaningful to me because of my history at the studio and because I was Jennifer, the owner’s, very first tap teacher!”
— Lisa Kaulig, Mother, Alumni and Former Teacher

“My mom danced at Martell. When I was 5 and wanted to take ballet she said, ” ok we’re going to Martell.”  I’ve been dancing there for 5 years now.  Every year at Martell has been fun and exciting!  I take ballet, tap, jazz, modern, and hip hop. I like all the different dance styles and all of my teachers. I learn new things every week. I have many friends at Martell too and we always have a great time dancing!”
— Alexandria, Student, Age 10

“I grew up dancing at Martell.  I have great memories and many lifelong friends!  My daughter has been at Martell now for 5 years and she absolutely loves it too!  Jennifer McDonald truly upholds the  expertise and professionalism at Martell School of Dance just as Teri Martell provided to our community for over 27 years.  I also love that she offers a variety of classes to the younger students and the opportunity to perform in many local events.  I would not trust my child’s dance education anywhere else.”
— Lisa Stewart, Mother and Alumni

“I have taught at many dance studios in Northeast Ohio, none of them compare to Martell.”
— Tennille Craig, Founder – Fairmont Dance Theatre

“When my daughter noticed the recognition Martell received for “Best Dance Lessons” in Akron Life Magazine she said, “Best in the city? My dance teachers are the best in the world!”
— Nicole Stratton, Mother

“Martell School of Dance is a Dance Studio with a real passion for Dance. Jennifer and the rest of the staff are knowledgeable, friendly, and most of all love to teach! 

My daughter is learning to dance and having fun at the same time! She loves her teachers and can’t wait for her dance classes every week. 

I have known Jennifer for several years, she is honest and passionate. She is a great role model for my daughter and all the other Martell kids. I highly recommend Martell School of Dance.”
— Vicki Lantz, Mother & Photographer

“We have two daughters and have been with Martell for 6 years now. Miss Jennifer and all of her staff are amazing! Our youngest daughter is a special needs kiddo and it is nice to have somewhere she is not treated any differently . She does things for her dance teachers that she won’t do in therapy. We look forward to calling Martell home for many years to come, because it has truly become part of our extended family.”
— Carolyn and Russ Stevens, Parents

“Martell School of Dance has exceeded my expectations as a dance studio! After 6 years of dance, Miss Jennifer and her staff have taught my 9 year old daughter not only how to excel in dance but have also boosted her self-confidence, motivation and her determination. I couldn’t find a better studio!”
— Natasha, Mother

“Choosing to dance at Martell is one of the best decisions I have made. Being a student and a member of their staff, I can honestly say that every single teacher loves their job and the kids. The studio is filled with passion and exuberant amounts of fun; I cannot think of a better environment to learn in. The love of dance is definitely present in all of the students and faculty, there’s is absolutely no other studio like Martell.”
— MyAhna, Student, Age 16

“At Martell, I’ve never had to worry about being embarrassed when I mess up.  The students and teachers at Martell have helped me grow as a person and a dancer, and I am so proud to say that i have grown up at such an incredibly warm, inviting and accepting school.”
— Erin, Student, Age 15

“My son has been enrolled at Martell School of Dance for 4 years, his whole high school duration. The level of professionalism and respect that is held toward the art of dance at Martell exceeds my expectations and his.  He has learned not only technique but the culture of dance and because of this he has developed a passion for the art allowing him to embrace the stage no matter what style of dance he is performing. The instructors at Martell are not just dance teachers they are mentors in their field. As a mother I feel good about my investment in my son at Martell for I know he will always look back and give credit to his years there for his success wherever he is.”
— Paula Jones, Mother

“As a mom of two young girls I feel very grateful to have Martell available for my daughters. I have found the studio to be such a nurturing and safe environment that celebrates the spirit of each student. Miss Jennifer is EXCELLENT with the young students – such a happy teacher!  Additionally, the older students have such admiration for Miss Jennifer and the mutual respect is evident!
— Paige, Mother

“I love being a ballerina at Martell. My class is so much fun and I like getting stickers at the end of class. I have new ballerina friends.”
— Arden, age 4

“I have been at Martell for 3 years and I love to dance there. Miss Jennifer, Miss Chloe, Miss Elizabeth and Miss Brooke are so nice and kind to me. They make learning dance so much fun!  The recital is the best time and I love being on stage. Dancing with my best friends is also something I love about Martell.”
— Scarlett, age 6

“I like Martell because every year I like the Christmas Tea and the recital.  My favorite thing is my teachers and my friends because it all feels like we are a family!  I like dancing there because it is really fun and we all have fun!  And the big girls will always help you in class and whenever you need it.  So that is why you should go to Martell!”
— Riley, age 8

“For the past 5 years, my daughter has attended Martell School of Dance.  It is a dance studio that I would highly recommend other children to attend.  While there, my daughter has met many great teachers and friends.  The teachers, both adult and student, have been great role models for her with their professionalism, enthusiasm, and values.  The teachers are always organized and prepared with a disciplined classroom while still allowing the students to have fun.  Martell is a place where I always feel safe leaving my daughter.  She considers Martell to be another family to her.”
— Jodie Jennings, Mother